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Update 02.01.2019
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Charles Mulli
Update - Englisch

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings from cold Kenya! June / July is the time of the year when it is usually very cold in our country. However no rains are experienced. This time, the cold has spilled into the month of August as we experience days of 18 degrees Celsius and nights of 10 degrees Celsius. We hope to have some warmth soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank several groups that visited MCF over the last months, mainly to provide free medical care to the children and community around MCF. Through the services of medical practitioners from various parts of the world, MCF has reached out to thousands of people who were sick, with both preventive and curative health care. We look forward to continue serving the needy as the Lord provides.

We thank God for the Thika River which transverses MCF Ndalani and continues to provide the much needed water for especially irrigation purposes, thus enhancing our zeal to achieve self sustainability. As many of you know, the river attracts wild life such as Crocodiles and Hippos which are seen from time to time when the water lever is high. Hippos, however herbivores, are considered dangerous as they kill other animals and or people whenever they feel threatened or feel that their territory has been invaded. Over the last week, one of the hippos killed 5 goats from our neighbor and two of the MCF security dogs. The hippos have also been feeding on the green beans in part of the farm where they have completely destroyed the same. Yesterday evening, the same hippo attacked two boys that were swimming in the river. One of them who is in grade 10, got off with minor injuries while the other in grade 11, was severely injured. He was taken to our dispensary in MCF Ndalani where our clinical officer assessed the situation and determined that he needed surgery. I had our driver, accompanied by the clinical officer, rush the boy to hospital in Thika town where he is receiving specialized treatment. Kindly please join us in prayer for this young man to get healed and recover fully. Meanwhile, we contacted the police and reported the case after which we informed the Kenya Wildlife Society. They sent 2 wardens who are currently hunting for this dangerous hippo. This is the first incident of its kind and we also pray that it will be the last.

Yesterday, Kenya woke up to a shocking disaster that hit our country. The arrivals building at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is vital for not only Kenya but the entire region, burned down leaving thousands of people stranded with flights, both departures and arrivals, being cancelled indefinitely. This is a big blow to our country especially during this time of the year when tourism is at its peak. The cause of the fire is still unknown, however we all thank God for there were no casualties. Please pray for Kenya during this time.

Thank you for your continued love and support. It is a blessing to partner with you in service to the Lord through caring for those who need it the most.

Wishing you blessings.
Yours sincerely,


Durch die verheerenden Regenfälle der letzten Zeit brach der Damm eines höher gelegenen Nachbarn.
Den Wassermassen haben die beiden Teiche und Staudämme von Mulli nicht stand gehalten, so dass bei ihm zwei Staudämme gebrochen sind und die gesamte Fischzucht weggeschwemmt wurde. Wann die Dämme wieder repariert werden können ist ungewiss. Zum Einen lässt der viele Regen es nicht zu und zum anderen fehlt auch das Geld dafür, wurde doch im vergangenen Jahr das neue Bürogebäude gestürmt und die ganze EDV und Zentralanlage für die Landwirtschaft gestohlen. >>mehr

Wer sich finanziell engagieren will kann das über das Gemeindebüro bzw die Kollektenkasse von Ober-Widdersheim tun.

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